Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Ellie Face!

So, this weekend Hannah (from and I had a girls night. During this time, we watched a little Will & Grace and ate some microwave s'mores - we ate four each, actually! While doing this, we looked around the infinte world of blogging and saw The Little Lady, from our sister Rachel's blog at The Little Lady makes the CUTEST "cheese" face.

After laughing 'til we hurt, Hannah and I decided that we would try and duplicate the infamous "cheese face." Although we are not nearly as cute as The Little Lady (Well, I should say that I am pretty cute and Hannah isn't so bad :) ), we tried our best!!

And then tried again....

.....And somehow we didn't seem as cute as The Little Lady. :>


Hannah Noel said...

of COURSE You picked the ones where you looked the best!!! ;)

You should have put them ALL up lol. So everyone can see just how crazy us girls can get!!!!!

Jonny's Mommy said...

No, not as cute, but very funny indeed!

Jennifer said...

Well, at least we know what she'll look like if her face were to stay that way!
My girl makes the same cheese face. It's really very adorable!

Rachel said...

Hey-- I put this as a guest post on Rachel's blog since she can't post anything (don't worry she approved and thought this one would be hilarious!)