Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh, Sadie!

A little update on Miss Sadie....

Sadie has been inside a lot this winter. Let me clarify - inside on a bed on the tile floor next to the door. I am NOT excited about having her inside, but she was constantly crying net to the door and it became quite annoying. So, I gave in.

She is really good about staying in her bed while we do things around the house. As SOON AS SPRING COMES, she is out!! HAHA!

Here's some pics from her first days in the house!
She started out doing really well! Only her paws off the bed here! (Yes, I'm that anal)
Then she got bored....
....really bored.
....then in trouble (notice she won't look me in the eye)
.....and she got a little sneaky.

....and finally a little crazy! She's trying to hide her bone (from me, apparently) under her blankie.

We're going to EUROPE!!!


Yes, we've decided to take another vacation before we have any kiddos.

As of right now, we're planning a 10-12 day vacation and we're thinking it will be the end of July or early August. Until we get vacation time worked out with both our jobs, a specific date won't be set.

Our itinerary includes:
Dublin, Ireland
London, UK
Paris, France
Interlaken, Switzerland
Berlin, Germany
and.....possibly Amsterdam.

I am still in the planning stages. Yes, it sounds like a lot of countries in few days, but we're up for the challenge! We're planning two days in Dublin, London, Paris and Berlin and possibly one day in Interlaken and Amsterdam.

I found a great deal on 15 day Eurail train pass so we can travel AS MUCH as we want in these countries! It makes the cost of the trip much more affordable.

If anyone has any advice or tips on traveling in these countries (or in general), let me know!!

Just call me Giada!!

Well, today I decided that I would actually get off the couch and DO SOMETHING! For the past several weekends, I will admit that cable had taken over and I had been forced to watch great re-runs of old tv sitcoms, cooking shows and.....dare I say it.....reality tv. Yes, some days I didn't even venture from my pajamas. Yikes. :(

This weekend, however, I decided to be a productive person. This morning, I went grocery shopping after planning all of my meals for the next two weeks, making my grocery list and double-checking that I needed everything on my list. to Dillons I went.
No, it's not my grocery shopping that made me "productive" today, it was what I did after putting away my groceries that might surprise you!


Now, remember (or for those who don't know me, I'll tell you) that I am NOT the greatest cook. I can bake up a storm, but actually cooking food-food is not my strength. I am the girl that burns chili, undercooks the vegetables and overcooks the noodles. Thanks goodness the Hubs has gotten pretty acquainted with my cooking.

So....let the adventure begin!
First - the recipe!! I found the recipe I used through

Ingredients for the dough: 3 cups of flour, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/4 cup oil, 2 eggs, 1/2 cup water and some extra flour for dusting your ravioli and the counter so it doesn't stick! Also, you can add seasonings to your dough for a little extra flavor.Ingredients for the filling: 700 grams ricotta cheese, 2 eggs, and a little salt/pepper (to your liking). You could also add spinach, mushrooms or anything else you might like in your ravioli!

Other things you might need: rolling pin, circle cookie cutter or a round glass, clean counter top, 2 mixing bowls with spooons, and a fork.

Now for the good part.....

1. Make your filling first and set it aside in the refrigerator (covered) while you make your dough.2. To make the dough, first beat your two eggs with a fork. Mix in your water, oil & salt.3. Add your flour a little at a time and stir with a fork.
4. Knead your dough and then sprinkle a little flour on your counter so the dough won't stick and roll out your dough pretty thin. The recipe says 1/8 inch.

5. After the dough is rolled out, you can use a glass or cookie cutter to cut our your circles.

6. Grab your filling from the refrigerator.
7. Wet the edges of your circles - this will help make sure there is a good seal when folding!
8. Dollop some of the filling into the middle of one of your circles and fold the sides together. The first couple of times you do it, you'll learn how much to put in. You don't want your filling coming out all of the sides - so go easy on it!9. Press the sides firmly together and set aside.
10. After you've made quite a few, go back and dust your ravioli with flour and use your fork to seal the edges.
I halved the recipe and ended up with 32 total. I also had LOTS of filling let over. (I actually used the rest of the ricotta filling in lasagna for dinner!)
I am put my ravioli in the freezer for a rainy day, but you can put it straight into boiling water for 5-6 minutes (or until they float). Then all you need is to add your marinara sauce!!

Viola!! Just call me Giada!!